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Aug 10, 2009 5:00am EDT
turning point in america. they will move out of the exurbs and move to higher-density, walkable communities." for some, leaving the single family home in the sububs for a more tightly packed apartment building may mark the end of the american dream. but steiner sees things differently. "the american dream is really about happiness. that isn't going to change. people will be surprise by how easily they can adapt from a single family home to sharing two walls in a town home." $14 per gallon at 14 dollars a gallon, steiner forecasts an end to big box stores like target and walmart. "when gas prices go pas $14 a gallon, the walmart model built on the price of cheap gas, the only reason it works because of cheap oil, will not be tenable." 80 percent of wal-mart's suppliers are from china and wal-mart by itself is china's sixth largest trading partner. the store imports goods from across the pacific on giant container ships powered by cheap gasoline. everything from kitchen utensils to sporting goods then makes its way across the country on a network of more than 7-thousand gas-guzzli
Aug 24, 2009 5:00am EDT
news story in america is how the secretary of transportation has described the cash for clunkers program. here it is by the number: the program began with one billion dollars on july 27. two weeks late, congress okayed another $2 billion dollars and expected the money to last to early november. but by late last week, two-thirds of the money had been allocated, leading the department of transportation to close it down at 8 p-m eastern time monday. it has taken 29 days to burn through the three billion dollars. and what's been the impact on the auto industry? certainly sales have spiked and no fewer than five automakers have announced increase production to replenish dealers lots. g-m, ford, chrysler, along with toyota, honda and hyundai...all have bumped up production in response to demand. coming into this new week of trading the stock market close to 10 month highs lori living in with us at the cme group just a week ago creepers and downdraft in the market and nothing but a buyer since then. real strong move on friday and probably expecting more of the same talk about a short sq
Aug 6, 2009 5:00am EDT
of america, only 12% have been helped. six percent at wells fargo. despite the slow start, the white house still thinks the program will help up to four million homeowners by 2012. >> it's another test for the nation's retailers on thursday when they report just how much the registers have been springing up last month. the latest data on seem store sales show that most major retailers will continue posting poor results which they blame on cool and rainy weather this summer. they are forecasting july sales dropped five percent, which would mark 11 months in a row that same store sales have dropped. it could be a disappointing sign that the government stimulus efforts are not yet still getting through to retailers' bottom lines, especially with people still reluctant to spend money on things they may not need. and some analysts believe the government's cash for clunkers program may have taken a spotlight away from spending money on clothing and other items, but next month sales numbers could be better because august is when several states hold sales tax holidays. >> one of the things t
Aug 17, 2009 5:00am EDT
housing in america has been showing some small signs of stabilization ahead of this week's reports on home contruction and sales. while activity remains a fraction of what it was at the height of the boom 2 or 3 years ago, this summer has seen some indication of a pick-up. start with new construction. in the summer of 2005, new home starts were running at an annual clip of more than two million. just two years later, though, in 2007, new home construction had been cut by a third... and this summer, it's a quarter of what it was four years ago. however, the pace of building has picked up this spring and summer, rising three months in a row. the sales of those new homes also has picked up over the past few months rising two percent from april to may...and almost 11 percent from may to june. but the bigger picture shows just how far new home sales have fallen, down by two- thirds since the boomtimes in 2005. we may be seeing a few more new home buyers, in part, thanks to lower prices because while sales of new homes has picked up month over month this summer, prices continue dropping. in
Aug 19, 2009 5:00am EDT
clunkers program has already been used up... but car dealerships across america have barely seen any of that cash... and for some it's turning into a cash crunch for business. here at highland ford.. just outside of chicago - they've sold about 60 new cars under the cash for clunkers program.. and they're now waiting for the cash. there are some car dealers in the chicago area that are waiting to get paid reportedly up to half a million dollars from the us government. that's why they're keeping the clunkers on their lots...not disabling the engine until after they get paid. i'm confident we'll get paid, just hope it's more timely payment al frisch president of highland ford says many car dealers will soon face a cash crunch if they don't get paid soon... some dealers even stopped selling new cars under the cash for clunkers program until they get paid. we're getting close to running out...right now maintain and continue to do business since cash for clunkers started at the end of july .. more than 400-thousand new cars were sold under the program.... car dealers say they were told it
Aug 5, 2009 5:00am EDT
, america's stock watchdog could get more bite. we sit down with a top regulator and what the new rules may mean for investors. if the obama administration gets its way hundreds of thousands of money managers will have to sign up with uncle sam. the white house wants to greatly expand the net of the securities and exchange commission to include hedge funds and other private investment fund advisers. andrew donohue is with us now. he's the director of investment management at the securities and exchange commission. andrew nice to see you. welcome to the program. is the agency prepared for these perhaps thousands of new registrants? i think we're very capable of handling any mission were given. these advisers were and irs men would be 1000 or 2000 additional advisers for us to handle. we currently handled 11,000 plus investment advisers. and i don't mean to diminish the challenges we would wind up having but the investment advisers at the administration had suggested that we have responsibility for clearly in my view at the few of the commission should be with the regulations. but take a
Aug 20, 2009 5:00am EDT
schools ranks colleges in 62 lists based on 120,000 interviews with students across america. some of it's findings may be a little bit of florida was ranked as having the best career services department, pomona college in california has the best classroom experience. other rankings are less surprising: brigham young university in utah was listed as most sober. franek not a believer in big name schools only the big leagues still have big payoffs, provided you can make it in. according to payscale. the average starting salaries for iv league undergraduates is $60,000/year. liberal arts and state schools lag behind with an average of $45,000/year. however, that doesn't mean smaller, schools won't give you your money's worth. devry president in the past 34 years, with close to a quarter of a million graduates, 90% of those graduates seeking our assistance were employed within six months. about 40% of our students come to us as college transfers so when they come to devry they are already passionate about getting in, getting out, and getting to work and with a tho
Aug 3, 2009 5:00am EDT
one of the largest poultry producers in the america, pilgrim's pride, a few miles outside of my congressional district, they had to declare chapter 11. maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. >> it's not clear yet just how many new cars have been sold under the cash for clunkers program. the obama administration says it will continue to find a way to keep it running. a white house spokesman says the government will honor all new qualified cars sold over the weekend. >>> unemployment and foreclosure rates can cross racial lines, they do remain hire for minorities, both african-americans and hispanics. they also saw a higher proportion of subprime mortgage during the boom. >> nice to see, sir, ray khouchaba. you have been surveying minority groups in a number of urban areas, how are you sensing they are approaching this economy? >> well, tom, we're seeing three things. first of all an increase in optimism amongst these groups. first. second, much greater focus amongst african-american and hispanic communities on what they are spending their
Aug 11, 2009 5:00am EDT
profits. the sharp rally in stocks was sparked in march as bank of america and citi has a couple of good months. now in the second quarter, it's asia that has fueled their finances. for bank of was the powerhouse in the second quarter, bringing in almost $3- point-6 billion in profits. b of a lost $205 million in its home market. over at citigroup, asia was responsible for more than a third of its second quarter net income. as the u-s banking business continues to be bitten by fear, sinking real estate values and a penny pinching consumer, that business is looking for asia to make up the slack. one more item a long time federal employee is now eligible for social security. smokey the bear is 65 years old....and still putting out forest fires.
Aug 21, 2009 5:00am EDT
of america and i have partnered up and were talking to kids about how their of fordham college and we talked a lot here about finding a loan find a way but the common denominator among students that i interviewed who seem to really get it are necessarily students who are getting full scholarships but they're finding it way to circumvent the debt trap because they're talking to mom and dad about money. mom and dad make money does on ago went to college and you can actually find the video clips that bankamerica o t r you see firsthand how students are actually saving and the kinds of conversations they're having with moms and dads. year to date is done about $11 billion in consumer loans part of that is money that is directed toward students in college loans for the market was bankamerica activity the talk about spending the money once we get the money from banks and public lenders and private lenders the fact of the matter raised you have to stretch those dollars so and college. one of the biggest missed is that he can save a college frankly yes you cannot negotiate tuition and room
Aug 14, 2009 5:00am EDT
bank of america and citigroup pumped up their solicitations in the second quarter compared to the first quarter....and all of the offers mailed out by the industry were for variable rate credit.... meaning, when the federal reserve raises rates, those credit card rates would head higher too. is been plenty of talk about terms of the economy in the market but with no wood in the month of all this because we haven't seen a lot of price action. like a big meal sitting back and letting things settle down a little bit in august. it's very constructive if you will digestion of last month begins we have basically traded these prices and the nasdaq every day this month. in one sense is positive but we have not been able to get much back. there's been a lot of bears on the floor at the cme a lot of locals think that you should sell into this continued strength but nonetheless it is continued strength. and are ready to sell and would just because one thing to realize is that growth testaments have been forced to be revised much higher that has caused a lot of room when the accounts in petro
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11